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Ok, I'm shelfing Mad Men for doing a more thorough review, when I have a bit more time but I have to drop in with a few words on Caprica:

All in all, brilliant episode, but I wish so so hard they would have left out the bloody Zoe Angel. Argh! Why? WHY?WHY?
Why did they have to do that? The shitty angels ruined Galactica. They turned from a brilliant sci fi series with an epic premise into a mediocre eso soap opera. I'm on the verge of never watching Caprica again, Zoe was one of my favorites and now I've got to barf at the Zoe Angel in every scene she's in!

I'm of course completely unable to stop because the rest was so brilliant.

That scene between Clarice and Amanda, winning each others trust and manipulating the hell out of each other, with Amanda knowing what Clarice is actually doing. Completely brilliant, made of win!

I feel sorry for Lacy's Kampusch experience and I'm glad it only lasted an episode. Her going to Geminon could be quite interesting (if she goes), first because I'm fairly certain it'll be easy to find an anti-Clarice  fraction of the STO there and also because Lacy with a complete terrorist education is someone I'd really be afraid of. She's going to wish for Barnabas to come back from the dead in no time.

Also yay for Lacy sending her on the goose chase for the infinity symbol!

Vergus killing himself in Daniel's house, also completely brilliant, Daniel is completely at the Taurons mercy now, which is naturally the perfect revenge. And he didn't even know Amanda had been back. Excellent. 

And of course there was Zoe and Tamra facing off over her blowing up the train. Wow, was," that was my identical evil twin in reality" the wrong answer! I wonder why she didn't argue that Zoe didn't plan to blow up the train, did she ever know? I don't think so.

They are going to make quite hellish dreamteam, the two of them, if only the annoying pink angel wasn't around. Grrrrrrrr!


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