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I don't really have an idea, when the movie ran in the rest of the world and I'm probably late to the party but I really liked it.

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I finally got to see Quantum of solace. Was good fun, though I thought Casino Royalle was much better. But what's to nag, Daniel Craigh is still hot and we had so much fun with the scenes in Bregenz.
A friend of mine worked as stage crew on stage on the lake over summer 2007. The crew was virtually flipping, when they were told, that that they wanted to shot a scene of the new Bond movie on the Tosca stage and a bunch of my friends auditioned as opera audience. Unfortunately non of them is visible in the movie, but my stage crew friend was sitting in the cinema all excited, exclaiming "look, look I cleaned up the rail where he's standing! Oh and there I cleaned too"  every 20 seconds. :)
What was fun too, was that the scene starts with a plane landing on Bregenz airport, though the real Bregenz doesn't have an airport at all. Then they are driving through the old town to the Tosca performance, only that it's actually the old town of Feldkirch, a town nearby.
And then during the Tosca performance everyone is wearing light evening gowns. This was shot in early spring, so the people must have been freezing. I've seen Tosca in August and it was chilly even then out there on the lake, usually everyone there is dressed in very warm clothing and seasoned opera fans are bringing blankets (save for the people in the VIP lounge)
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After a very long cineastic dry spell, we finally found the time to go to the movies yesterday.  I was waiting for Sweeney Todd so badly, because when Johnny Depp and Tim Burton are involved there are usually very few things, that can go wrong for me.
The movie was lovely of course, creepy, bloody , funny and beautiful and I had a wonderful evening. I was told, that Johnny Depp's singing wasn't exactly top notch but fortunately I don't have a musical ear at all so it sounded perfectly fine to me. Although voice wise I found little Toby most intriguing. That boy was quite a marvel.

The cinema was full of teenage goths (calling themselves emos now, as I was told) and I can't help it: I find them so cute.  But have no fear I heroically restrained myself from running around and cuddling every boy with eyeliner.


Feb. 1st, 2008 08:59 am
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I just managed to get my hands on this movie yesterday. I had heard about it from [personal profile] felisblanco  several months ago and had been looking for the movie ever since. It's an icelandic movie (a romantic comedy of all things) about roleplaying gamers. Heh!

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I went to see The Golden Compass yesterday. Heeh, I was pretty sure, I´d like it from what I had seen in the trailers and it didn´t disappoint.


Dec. 2nd, 2007 11:25 am
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I went to see the new Persepolis movie yesterday. I already knew, that I would most likely love it, because I think Marjane Satrapi a genius ever since I read the comic books, but still, it was even better than I had anticipated. I really hope, they get an Oscar for that movie.

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Nov. 20th, 2007 11:38 pm
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I just returned from the cinema and despite the fact, that the friends I went with to see the movie all hated it, I actually thought it was quite good.
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I just returned from Berlin...sniff...sometimes I´d really love to live in a big city like that.

yesterday I finally got to see Planet Terror. Bad part was, that no cinema in town was showing the movie in english (arg, here comes the urge to move to London again). Films with a lot of swearing sound so incredibly stupid in german.

The fictive Trailer "werewolf women of the ss" was missing of course, because nazi-jokes are not terribly welcome in our broads..., but the "machete" was in and funny enough.

The actual movie was ok, I laughed a great deal and I don´t think I can eat meat for at least a week. Deathproof was better by far, but I´m not complaining. It was zombie-fun deluxe and gave the expression "so bad, that it´s starting to be good again" new meaning.
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Yawn...boys and their toys. Boring movie, but had its funny moments. Most of them in the first half. Second half was full of that "be a good soldier boy" propaganda bullshit, that made me gag.

Was fun anyway, because of the good company :)

I´m glad LJ made that statement about not immediately deleting non illegal offending content. Hope that makes more people keep their blogs and stories here. I think, that ´s a solution everyone can live with.


Aug. 11th, 2007 08:13 pm
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Nothing to do with the vampire...

It´s just a movie I went to see yesterday. It was made by Francois Ozon (who also did swimming pool and 8 woman )and the preview had had a promising look to it.

The story was about a young writer of bad but popular romance novels, who tends to dramatize her own life up to her romantic delusions.

Did sound interesting. Problem was, it just wasn´t. The main character Angel was depicted as a total moron, that one could only dislike, mainly because she was so stupid and ignorant. The film had some funny moments, like when she rushes off in a insulted artists frenzy, when her publisher (Sam Neil) tells her, that he want´s her to change some things in her first novel (like, that you don´t open a champagne bottle with a corkscrew).
And there were some mean elements, like when she makes up a glorious dramatic past for her plain mother days after her death.

All in all it had some nice ideas, but didn´t work out. The actress that played Angel wasn´t up to the job and I just had the feeling that though it was obvious that the film tried to explain the drama of someone, who constantly lies to himself, there where no sharp cuts between Angels sugar-drama-dreamworld and reality. Caught myself looking vor the time several times, i´ve got to confess.

The costumes were nice though and Sam Neil was ok. Not a total waste of time, but definitely nothing to recommend.
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Wow, I liked it sooooo much better than the fourth movie, though it´s the book I liked least in the series so far.
Dolores Umbridge was a stunning scary pink menace with all that porcelain of evil!
Snape was at his best once more, makes me really look forward too the next movie, when he´ll be hopefully seen more often.
And I loved the twins great exit! + I want to adopt Luna Lovegood.
Nearly headless Nick missed though, did John Cleese not want to play in this movie?

This time they really got the plot transported, probably because the book was not as tangled as the fourth one. There was just more space left, more stuff that could be left out, without crippling the story.

Also they cut the retarded thing with the mirror out. I really disliked it in the book, because imho it was the first time, the characters behaved really stupid. Why would Harry not remember the mirror to contact Sirius? I just didn´t get it.
I´m also glad, that they cut the teen angst thing short, too much Cho and I would have choked.

Anyway , movie and bookwise The Prisoner of Azkaban is still my favorite but this one makes a close second. And now I´m really exited about reading the 7th novel :)


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