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So, I've got a bit of time on my hands, since I have to wait an hour, until my little DNA strand is deprotected, so I thought I'll ramble a bit about all the new shows and seasons I'm watching at the moment.
Will contain traces of: Supernatural, Pushing Daisies, The Sarah Jane Adventures, True Blood, Life on Mars US, The Fringe, Dexter

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I just managed to watch the first episode of Ashes to Ashes and oh there is so much to squee about it!
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We´ve seen the first season now and two episodes of the second and I love it more and more with every episode. I´m usually not much one for crime shows, but this one really hooked me. Tyler is so delightfully crazy and DCI Hunt is my all time favorite. I wonder,´if there´s any fanfic ´bout Life on mars, second question is, do I really want to read that? Who am I kidding? Of course i want to! *goes looking*

I read that the show only got two seasons, but it seems there is going to be a sequel called "Ashes to ashes", where a modern Policewoman is transported into the eighties and their DCI Hunt. Sounds fun, I´ll miss John Simm though, but as long as Hunt is on it, I have to watch it anyway.
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I just started checking out some (not that) new TV-shows, I heard about lately. Supernatural for one, but I think, I´ll get to that, when I´ve seen more of it, and Life on mars.

Life on mars is a bbc show about a cop,Sam Tyler, who has a near fatal car accident, that sends him into a coma. His consciousness is transported to the seventies, where he is still a cop and starts to solve crimes, that are somehow related to his future. Sounds strange, but is actually really good stuff. The leading actor is the guy who played the Master in the Doctor Who season final, John Simm would be the name.

The show has the british thing going. Lot´s of plot an qick dialog packed in a short amount of time. Not overly much drama or political correctness, which is fun mostly because of Tylers completely anti-correct partner/boss.

If the overall plot evolves nicely this could definitly be a show to hook me.


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