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awww, this is so sweet, so it wasn´t only my fanfiction soaked brain, who thought that that Dumbledore/Grindelwald thing sounded more like a college crush, than an intense friendship.

And she wonders, that this makes the fans happy :)
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So, with this I´m adding my opinion on the book to the millions of others, already available on the net. If you haven´t read the book yet and don´t want to be spoilered, I strongly suggest not to read on.

I liked it far better, than the last two books. Those two were a little bloated and mystery was solved only at the end, without the characters doing much for it. Before that it had been all adventures and riddles, in the last two, there were just revelations. So I was quite positively surprised, when the last book was all action and riddles, actually solved by the main characters. It was exciting, gripping and sometimes even emotionally stunning. God, I loved, the flashback to Snapes memories of Lily Potter.
I´m not much of a Potter fan, since there are a lot of childrens books, that I hold dearer, but Snape is my all time favorite character and I was so glad, that he turned out to be the tragic Hero in the end. Makes me want to wear a T-shirt, saying: "Sod off, James!"

What galled me a little was the sex separation at the final battle. I just don´t like it, when the male heroes duel the male villains, and the female heroes only go at female villains. Not that Bellatrix Lestrange vs Mrs. Weasly wasn´t cool, it just had this air from Batman, were Batgirl always got female villain sidekicks to bruise. Also I don´t see, why non of the male characters can ever raise his wand to do the dishes. Should be possible in a society of omnipotent wizards.
And I´d rather have known, what career choices the heroes made, than that they all got kids and lived happily ever after (Albus Severus was cute though).

But, of course, those were Rawlings choices to make, and all in all I enjoyed her work a great deal, so no ranting here.

The book was vibrant with interesting side characters too. Xenophilius Lovegood attending the wedding with what is essentially the wizard equivalent of a swastika on his robe, for esoteric reasons. Aberforth Dumbledoor, Kreacher, the rise of Neville, simply great.

I´ll never be a HP-fangirl but this was worthy ending and I´m glad I read it, before some stupid newspaper headline could spoiler me.
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Wow, I liked it sooooo much better than the fourth movie, though it´s the book I liked least in the series so far.
Dolores Umbridge was a stunning scary pink menace with all that porcelain of evil!
Snape was at his best once more, makes me really look forward too the next movie, when he´ll be hopefully seen more often.
And I loved the twins great exit! + I want to adopt Luna Lovegood.
Nearly headless Nick missed though, did John Cleese not want to play in this movie?

This time they really got the plot transported, probably because the book was not as tangled as the fourth one. There was just more space left, more stuff that could be left out, without crippling the story.

Also they cut the retarded thing with the mirror out. I really disliked it in the book, because imho it was the first time, the characters behaved really stupid. Why would Harry not remember the mirror to contact Sirius? I just didn´t get it.
I´m also glad, that they cut the teen angst thing short, too much Cho and I would have choked.

Anyway , movie and bookwise The Prisoner of Azkaban is still my favorite but this one makes a close second. And now I´m really exited about reading the 7th novel :)


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