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Just finished the last Temeraire book and it went down like butter."Tongues of Serpents" was ok, but at times it dragged and I felt right after the amazing "Victory of Eagles" there was too little happening for my taste.

Serves to say that "Crucible of Gold" makes up for everything. I could not put it down and was hooked from the first to the last page, the only bad thing being that the next book is not yet written.

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So this time I'm not forgetting to include DW.

On a greatly cherished rec by [personal profile] deird1  I got myself the first book of the series "His Majesty's Dragon" and shortly after that first my boyfriend and then I got completely addicted to them. I've read the first five novels (the 6th has just come out in hardcover) now and since my friends can attest that I talk of little else literary wise these days I though I'd write a review of something I'm really enjoying.

This review got exceedingly long and detailed so I decided to split it into two posts. This first one is to give the folks who have not read the books  (which I assume is the majority of my flist) a taste of what they are like, without spoilers.
The second post will be the more detailed review about all the big and small people and events that made me obsess about this story so much.

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