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Ok, got a hand it to Supernatural, no show in history ever shouted out to it's hardcore fandom like that!
I wonder how many Joe Sixpack viewers are googling "Sam/Dean"  right now.

Can't speak for the fans who take Supernatural completely seriously but, god, that episode was fun!!!

ETA: And hee again, I just found out that the nagging fan"Simpatico" from the fanboard on the show is a real poster. Just read a few of his posts on the TVWP Forums and he really does sound exactly as begrudged as on the show. *bg*

ETA: If you need brilliant fanfic to go with it, here it is:
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So, I've got a bit of time on my hands, since I have to wait an hour, until my little DNA strand is deprotected, so I thought I'll ramble a bit about all the new shows and seasons I'm watching at the moment.
Will contain traces of: Supernatural, Pushing Daisies, The Sarah Jane Adventures, True Blood, Life on Mars US, The Fringe, Dexter

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This weekend I finally got around to make a little trip to the woods nearby. 
First time I heard about Göttingen was in a pretty cool Call of Cthulhu-RPG-adventure called "Die Froschkönigfragmente" (The Frogkingfragments), where the heroes were investigating a bunch of fairy tales, that had a creepy way of coming true and followed in footsteps of the Brothers Grimm.


Jun. 8th, 2008 04:32 pm
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Just thought I'd write a little something so that this journal doesn't look too dead, even though I didn't have much time for fannish stuff due to the move, new work etc.

Buffy #15 )

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Somehow, this show hasn´t made it into television over here, for now. It seems to have some admirers among the Buffyfans though, so I decided to check it out.

I´ve only seen the first five episodes so far, so I have not given up on the overall plot yet, but those filler episodes they did afer the pilot are just to ripped off to be true.

So far every episode consisted of two horror movies mixed together with a random generator.
Blair Witch Project + Bigfoot = Wendigo
Dark Water + random Ghost movie = Dead in the water
Exorcist + Final Destination = Phantom traveler
Candyman + The Ring = Bloody Mary (they even stole creepy girl, crawling from the TV)

That´s somewhat annoying, I mean, I´ve got nothing against a well done rip off (being into fanfiction and all...), but every episode? Can´t they come on with some original ideas (or at least older, less present stories to steal from).
It´s sad, more so because the background plot about the missing father, and the mysterious death of mummy & Bunny the girlfriend is kind of interesting.

Second thing, that is annoying me so far:
...ok, the boys are hot, nice to look at, but no cool female characters at all?
That´s so lame! It´s like watching night rider all over again. Guy saves clueless fashion victim of the week. The guy only has a brother instead of a speaking car...and in night rider they at least had Bonnie, the mechanic.

I somehow had high hopes, when I read, that Amy Acker was in the Dark Water rip off ( like everyone, who ever did something Joss-related only takes cool roles...), but she was as stereotype, as any other girl so far.

I really hope, this one gets better, because it´s got its fun moments. I can live with the rip offs, but no cool girls at all, that sucks.


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