Jun. 8th, 2008 04:32 pm
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Just thought I'd write a little something so that this journal doesn't look too dead, even though I didn't have much time for fannish stuff due to the move, new work etc.

Buffy #15 )

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So what's there to say about #13? It was fun. Great fun actually!

I think, if one takes the comic books too seriously, they are bound to be unsatisfying. The best course of action for me is, to sit down and regard it as a piece of fun fanfiction. If one stops fussing, whether everyone is in character or if every plot development is believable, Season 8 really is great fun!

Buffy Yuri

Mar. 6th, 2008 09:23 am
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This will of course contain spoilers about #12 and also that spoilery cover. (Also this is something like my very first meta)

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My father went to Vienna and I got him to pick them up for me *cheers for him*. It's torture to see all the reviews online and to stay away from them, when I get the issues so late *grmbl*. I really wish there was a decent comic store in my town or that the shipping would not cost more then the actual comic. I usually wait, until I order RPG-books, which is only every two to three months, but here they are, and so shiny :)

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I ordered some role playing books from vienna, so I had an excuse to get some new season 8 stuff as well. It´s a bit frustrating to get them so late, when the online discussion has already moved to the next issue, but I´ll rant a bit for my own pleasure anyway.

So, Number 4: I loved the stand alone story about one of Buffys replacement-slayers. Had everything Fun, Drama, little fairies, but I still can´t get totally into the comic books. I mean I love them, and I´m so glad that canon is continued, but they are just too short. It´s a ten to fifteen minutes read and then the issue is over again. There are so many ideas and hooks to base fiction on, but it doesn´t create the wish to alter and shift the plot around in my head for hours as the series did. Hope it does the trick for other people though. I´d love to read some fic, that takes season 8 into consideration and/or is based on the new characters.

The issue was cool stuff, but I wanted to know, how the main plot was doing so I went straight to issue #6: First: I love Brian K. Vaughans Work, Y-the last man is great and Runaways is one of my favorite series, hopefully it won´t take to long till I can get the collected Joss issues from that one. Also, I always thought redemptionist Faith a mighty cool character, that got far to little attention in the series, so two reasons for me to be mighty excited about this issue.

And it didn´t disappoint! Vaughan got the character great. It was quite cool, how she does the dirty slaying, that they don´t want to burden the younger slayers with. And the My Fair Lady/ Nikita plot looks promising.
The artworks still ok, it could be better on the scenery, but Jeanty does a could Job catching the actors likenesses + I like his shirtless Xander (how strange is that?)


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