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This is my final post about S8, it's less a review and more my personal experience with the comic. It wasn't a good experience. If you're positive about the comic, you'll probably not like it, but you're still very welcome to the debate.

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Doing the crossposting thing.

I wrote this little rant some weeks ago when that silly DH vampire poll went down and decided to post it friends locked now. Fortunately Season 8 is going to be over soon and when it is, I intend to disengage with the comics completely, but as it is I'm reading them and I'm reading the wank and I can't help contemplating it, so I'm posting.

As I said his was triggered by the Darkhorse vampire poll. They asked for comments detailing people's favorite vampires and Spike somewhat dominated the poll, so did another bunch of vampires, Angel, Lestat (and many more, even Edward Cullen was mentioned). The contest was from the get go said to pick the comments the people at DH liked best, not the ones the commentators preferred and of course that's what happened. They picked your typical evil Dracula vampire or goofy cartoonish versions of them.

The announcement of the winner was signed with:

"Old school vampires always win"

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I'm sorry that I neglect this journal so badly, I'll try and be more consequent with the double posting in the future.

So, got to read it now and here is my review - I'm afraid it contains porn (of the non-Bangel variety).

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