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I'm so obsessed with this show at the moment that I decided that I'll use the squee of the moment and do episode by episode reviews for it while I still feel that passionate.

Almost no one on my flist seems to watch it so it'll be a little bit of preaching into the dessert I expect, but I really love it, it induces a lot of thinky thoughts and I think I might want to come back to these entries some day.

Structure-wise I'm going to divide my reviews into three sections, one for the general review that contains only spoilers up to the episode, a section about the chemistry in each episode and a section that reviews the episode in context of the whole series so far, marked so that it's hopefully not hard to avoid spoilers.

In case this for some reason peaked your interest but you have never heard of BB go to my list of 11 reasons why you should watch Breaking Bad.

So on to the review of the pilot episode.

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Ahem, this whole thing turned out rather long, but I guess that comes with the pilot territory. I'll try to be a bit more compact next time.
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I'm not sure, if it's just because I'm in a good mood, but I think this issue is my favorite first night so far. It certainly has the most appealing artwork so far. First time I really like all three artists in the book (not counting the intro), they all have very unique styles but each is equally gorgeous.

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So what's there to say about #13? It was fun. Great fun actually!

I think, if one takes the comic books too seriously, they are bound to be unsatisfying. The best course of action for me is, to sit down and regard it as a piece of fun fanfiction. If one stops fussing, whether everyone is in character or if every plot development is believable, Season 8 really is great fun!


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