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LJ is still wonky due to maintenance and actually it's a good excuse to post here again.

I'm a bit torn up about being excited for S.H.I.E.L.D. I liked the Avengers movie but not especially, more like the Iron Man movies. Imho tv-show is Joss' best medium, because there he gets to do character development but on the other hand I can barely remember Dollhouse anymore and I think his really great works were Buffy and Firefly.

Hm, so not sure. I know I'll end up watching but I can't say I'm super excited.

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Just saw "Shades of gray" and it was ok. Interesting, a good line once in a while. It's ok. Only this is Joss so I'm kind of expecting more than just "ok" from him. There is the occasional line that gives a hint of what the show could be like, funny enough most of them come from Topher, who makes my skin crawl, but continues to be the most interesting character with the most compelling actor.

I keep wondering why the Jossness of this show is so minimalistic. So far every episode could be cut down to ten minutes of interesting stuff, (quarter of an hour for "Target"). Is it really FOX that makes him make the show dull on purpose? Looks like, because I just read the script of the unaired pilot and it's a world of better than the aired pilot and every episode so far!!! Packed with banter, information and with what made Joss other shows great. The moral issues are discussed much more spot on. Ballard is great in this script, I'd love to see him like that on screen. WTF is FOX thinking? What did they tell Joss? No we can't have people have fun while watching a dark show, that would be to confusing for the pour babies? Argh, I'm starting to hate these people. What made Joss go back to that network? Why not make the show for Showtime or HBO (also they behave less ridiculous about nudity)?

Hopefully word on the net is true and the show will be more like it was originally planned after episode 5.
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Bwah, seems like it's been ages since my last post. The last weeks of my thesis work were crazy busy and I finally moved back home a few days ago. Now the creeping chaos of boxes has finally receded and I can't wait to get back into fandom. I just watched the first Dollhouse episode and I think I like it. Far to early to say, if it will really get me all fannish and excited but the chances are good. After all it's the first Whedon show that I watch since I'm involved in fandom.
Don't have time to do a proper review, but here are a few thoughts about the first ep:

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During all the strike weeks, when everything was on ice it seemed like Dollhouse was never going to happen and if, only in the far distant future. And now there's a trailer! Yay!

I can't say that I'm already in full squee mode over this, because for that I need plot, characters and dialog, but it looks pretty promising to me. Darkish, with a bit of "La femme Nikita" and a tad "Total recall" (the Dick story rather than the movie) and Eliza Dushku is gorgeous. I imagine it must be very cool for an actor to get a role like that where your personality changes every episode, while the character develops an underlying original self.

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So, now I finally got around reading it , now what's there to say:
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My father went to Vienna and I got him to pick them up for me *cheers for him*. It's torture to see all the reviews online and to stay away from them, when I get the issues so late *grmbl*. I really wish there was a decent comic store in my town or that the shipping would not cost more then the actual comic. I usually wait, until I order RPG-books, which is only every two to three months, but here they are, and so shiny :)

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This is so omnitotalmegalometricalfantastic. My first Whedon show, that I will actually get to watch, when it´s on air. Not years later in DVD. And I loved Eliza Dushku as Faith. Could not really get into True Calling, because imho the writing sucked, but I still love to see her.
It´s like the best Halloween treat ever :)

So it´s called Dollhouse and about girls, that can assume any desired personality to carry out various assignments. If I heard that plot and not the name Joss Whedon with it, I would be worried. But as it is, it´s Joss, so it´s going to be kick ass cool and feminist. Aahhhh, it´s better than christmas :)


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