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I was drowning in work this month and barely had time for my poor little LJ. :(

How are all of you?

Now there is so much to blog about and so little time. First there is one thing that has me in absolute fangirl overdrive. First fandom celebrity comment on my blog :D. Jo Chen commented on my review of her comic book here. I've no way to know if it's a fake of course, but then I don't really see why anyone would do it in that manner, so I choose to believe it was really Jo Chen who visited my little blog. *is happy*
I'm slightly embarrassed, because I wrote some not so positive stuff about the plot, but looks like she didn't take that personally. And I really have to do a review on the second part of the book now.
Oh, yeah and it means that she read my ramblings about how great it would be if she did a Spangel cover *blushes*.

on Spike #4 )

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Just got my copy of the After the Fall Hardcover. And can I say: Shiny!!!
It' so pretty and there are so many comments and covers in it. Worth every penny. I hope we'll get such a beauty for the collected Spike-AtF too :)
Someone should have a word with cover Angel about more careful use of eyeliner, though (just kidding, the cover is very very pretty).

I think I'll stop trying to get the individual issues. If I get them at all (and far I'm missing two), I get them two months late and have already read them. Also the collected volumes are much easier to get via amazon.

Also, I got my copy of Joss' arc for Runaways (Dead end kids). I like the series a lot and Joss did a wonderful Job with it. I wish he could get  Michael Ryan to draw for Season 8. I also loved the all the little P.K. Dick remarks, like the android who says he dreamed of electric sheep and the steampunk robot, who works with punchcards and is afraid of water. Hee!
Does anyone here read the books?

Jo Chen did some wonderful covers for them as well. I'm thinking about a new header image for this journal, featuring some of her Buffy covers, but I shudder at how long it is going to take me to stitch them together...maybe next weekend.

Finally today I had an online friend over who's a bit of a comic geek too. Which was a nice change. I feel a little geek deprived here, when no one comes to visit on the weekend.  I just don't seem to find any people with a sci-fi, fantasy, comic-thing here. I had some hope for the new PhD student in my research group, but turns out he thinks Batman and Michael Knight are the same guy since they both drive a black car *hangs head at so much ignorance*.
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I never knew that Jo Chen makes her own comics until I saw the ads in season 8 and as I love her cover art and the advertised book is a paperpack and thus easily available to me via amazon (contrary to season 8 and AtF...), I had to buy it of course. So here it is. I assume there are not many people here who have already read it so I'll try to keep it non spoilery.


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