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Finally the weekend is here! Not that this means that I skipped lab today, but at least I did only stay for a few hours (science is kind of far more work than I thought it would be), so I came home in broad daylight and could finally do the pictures for [profile] tibialisant 's Birthday!

So here it is, the final version!

Tibi prompted me to do a picture of Spike sucking on fingers (he's rather licking now). Fingers are not my friend and I promised her a gag reel of my failed attempts

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This is like the cutest thing I ever saw in fandom! Go, look, love!
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I always feel a bit bad for all the people on my flist that I didn't friend for a shared love of Spike porn, when I make these kind of posts, so avoid the so not worksafe Spike by just not clicking on the cut.

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I should study so I draw (it's getting old)
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So, here it is! For the adorable [profile] zoesmith, a pencil sketch of Drusilla. Thank you very much for the request. I was so motivated by it :). It's of course far from how I really wanted it to look like, but I hope I caught at least a bit of her likeness.
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rogin: (Default) I'm drawing.
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I love to see and make comic fanart of all kinds. Unfortunately I´m not half as talented, as I would like to be, so it rather sucks. Sometimes I like it anyway and since this is my fandom journal it should be part of it.
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