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Wow, I was so desperately in need of a Who fix and this did a very fine job. Liked Christina, as far as one time companions go she was a pretty nifty one.
But who did music this time? It was dreadful. Me and my friends already have minor traumata from the bad austrian movies of our childhoods, we all sat in front of the tv and half expected Hans Moser to make an entrance, or Sissi, or singing nuns , it was folklore horrifying right till the end when it sounded like the Doctor would now leave on a waltzing Lipizzaner  *shudders*.

Also I took a closer look at Dreamwidth and it really looks all kinds of sweet, I like it how they named their features and how it seems to be possible to adjust every little thing to your own liking of privacy. Really hope I can get my hands on a beta account to play more ecessively.
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This weekend I finally got around to make a little trip to the woods nearby. 
First time I heard about Göttingen was in a pretty cool Call of Cthulhu-RPG-adventure called "Die Froschkönigfragmente" (The Frogkingfragments), where the heroes were investigating a bunch of fairy tales, that had a creepy way of coming true and followed in footsteps of the Brothers Grimm.


Jun. 8th, 2008 04:32 pm
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Just thought I'd write a little something so that this journal doesn't look too dead, even though I didn't have much time for fannish stuff due to the move, new work etc.

Buffy #15 )

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There are five new pictures from the upcoming Buffy Tarot online! I can't help being excited, I adore this kind of merchandise :)
They can be seen here. It also says that there is going to be full deck of 78 cards, which is kind of cool. I guess the minor Arcana are only going to be symbols but at least the royal cards of each color might be very interesting. The fanged four would make a brilliant row for the swords I think. I'll have to make an update to my tarot post once in a while :)

I hope I'll be able to get my hands on the thing over here...

The first page of the Spike comic is here. Looks cool. God I can't wait for this comic to finally come out.

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I just got to watch the first episodes of BSG and Doctor Who season 4. It's like coming home. They were both so amazing. I just need to babble out my fannish happiness.

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Heh! I just got up an hour early, to watch it before I have to go to university.

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WOW, I didn't realize how bad my Doctor Who withdrawal has been until now. I just saw the Christmas special and it was just all the squee coming back to me. Sarah Jane was nice and all, even brilliant in the last four episodes, but the Doctor is just the best. I'm so in love with this show!

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Yay! Finally some new Who stuff on telly. And it´s really ok.

The Sarah Jane adventures is a new Doctor Who Spin off in kids program. The pilot aired in April and now the actual series is finally on air. I just saw the first regular episode and I love it. It reminds me of the old czech and british childrens shows, where children were still taken seriously as an audience.
It somehow transports the Doctor Who spirit, imho much better then Torchwood (ok, ok they got JM...I´ll watch) does. Funny how it´s meant for children and still much less childish than the Cardiff commune.
And Sarah Jane is a character I can´t help but like. It´s so rare to see a woman in her fourties on the telly, being the cool a bit mysterious hero instead of someones mother. The woman that never found the time to marry, lives a happy live with her Computer Mr. Smith and is very fond of dry british humor. And investigates on alien activities with the neighbor kids. What´s not to love?

The episodes are only half an hour long, but I think every plot arc is split in two episodes so, they´re actually even a bit longer than the average Doctor. This should do nicely to shorten the waiting time for the new Doctor Who season.
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I just started checking out some (not that) new TV-shows, I heard about lately. Supernatural for one, but I think, I´ll get to that, when I´ve seen more of it, and Life on mars.

Life on mars is a bbc show about a cop,Sam Tyler, who has a near fatal car accident, that sends him into a coma. His consciousness is transported to the seventies, where he is still a cop and starts to solve crimes, that are somehow related to his future. Sounds strange, but is actually really good stuff. The leading actor is the guy who played the Master in the Doctor Who season final, John Simm would be the name.

The show has the british thing going. Lot´s of plot an qick dialog packed in a short amount of time. Not overly much drama or political correctness, which is fun mostly because of Tylers completely anti-correct partner/boss.

If the overall plot evolves nicely this could definitly be a show to hook me.
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So, first entry here, no point in sentimentality, straight to the fandom :)

After the season final of Doctor Who 2007, which I liked a great deal (though not as much as Blink!), I got a little sad, that I would have to wait till christmas  to see more of the  Doctor, so I started surfing  a bit, to find out about  other projects by Russel T. Davies and/or David Tennant. After a while I came across this three part BBC-miniseries by RTD and starring David Tennant as Casanova. Yesterday I finally found the time to watch it and all in all it was really fun.

The story moves on pretty fast, so there is no time to get bored, which would not have happened anyway, because the dialogs are funny and even contain some really great lines (loved the dueling scene, for example). Any attempt of historical correctness is just abandoned for flair and pretty costumes (a bit like in "A knight´s tale"). So the french court mostly exists as one ball room with people dressed up like candy and dancing like madmen.

Tennant is fun to watch as always and does the trick to get emotion even into situations that are barely described. Also he acted a lot like the Doctor (except for the sex of course), I expected the Tardis to shrump itself into existence at any point.
The character of Casanova is described as somewhat innocent, pushed around by his heart a lot , rather not as predatory seducer ( I don´t think, that would have been very convincing) and more like the guy, who is just to nice to put down. It reminded me a bit of the characters Roberto Benigni usually plays. I also liked the relation between the two main characters, because it was so straightforward and  understanding. No one ever wasted time, with angsting  about  or jealousy that would have been stupid in context. They just made a really nice couple with a lot of misfortunate circumstances.

It´s nothing to remember forever, but it was fun to watch and helped a bit to fill the gap, till the Sarah Jane adventures are going to start in autumn. I wonder,how this one will turn out. I enjoyed the Pilot episode and I think a Doctor Who spin off for children might work nicely and it can hardly be more infantile than Torchwood (and I´m gonna watch their second season anyway, because JM and JB, who cares how thin the plot line is, that brings those two together :D ).


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