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Mar. 2nd, 2012 05:36 pm
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I am participating in black march, even though I really have no idea if the internet at large has already forgotten about the whole SOPA/ACTA shit or not. Anyway I think it's not half bad to stay away from the mainstream entertainment industry for a while and also it really should not be so hard not to buy anything for a month, should it?

So instead I decided to give some stuff away. I got myself the 5th book of the Absolute Sandman edition a while ago (IT IS SO SHINY, let me tell you!), so now I have two books double and since they are really nice ones I thought my flist is a good place to look for kind new owners for them:

Sandman: The Dream Hunters by Neil Gaiman and Yoshitaka Amano
Sandman: Endless Nights a collection short stories by Neil Gaiman and a whole host of artists (Glenn Fabry, Milo Manara, Miguelanxo Prado, Frank Quitely, P. Craig Russell, Bill Sienkiewicz and Barron Storey)

Books are both in good condition and for free. I will pay the shipping. First come, first serve. :) GO!
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I have been a very bad LJler lately. RL was kinda eating me up and I was basically to pissed about the whole ACTA fuck to watch much mainstream tv (still am...) but on the positive side I have an interesting new project to work on, organized a fabulous murder party for a friend's birthday and read a lot of comic books.

Which brings me to the topic of this post: "The Unwritten", by Mike Carey and Peter Gross which is the best thing in comics I've read in a long long while. I read the first paperback a year ago (or so) and thought it really neat but mostly forgot about it until recently.

This time around I burned through everything available from the series within a few days and fell completely in love with it.
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This is my final post about S8, it's less a review and more my personal experience with the comic. It wasn't a good experience. If you're positive about the comic, you'll probably not like it, but you're still very welcome to the debate.

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So, it's finally weekend, the time to watch tv, read fanfic and comics and do all the fangirly stuff!
The Supernatural kick off episode was awesome and I also watched and liked the first two episodes of True Blood.

And now thanks to [ profile] killerweasel  I could read the third part of Spike-ATF and give you my five cents on it:

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Just got my copy of the After the Fall Hardcover. And can I say: Shiny!!!
It' so pretty and there are so many comments and covers in it. Worth every penny. I hope we'll get such a beauty for the collected Spike-AtF too :)
Someone should have a word with cover Angel about more careful use of eyeliner, though (just kidding, the cover is very very pretty).

I think I'll stop trying to get the individual issues. If I get them at all (and far I'm missing two), I get them two months late and have already read them. Also the collected volumes are much easier to get via amazon.

Also, I got my copy of Joss' arc for Runaways (Dead end kids). I like the series a lot and Joss did a wonderful Job with it. I wish he could get  Michael Ryan to draw for Season 8. I also loved the all the little P.K. Dick remarks, like the android who says he dreamed of electric sheep and the steampunk robot, who works with punchcards and is afraid of water. Hee!
Does anyone here read the books?

Jo Chen did some wonderful covers for them as well. I'm thinking about a new header image for this journal, featuring some of her Buffy covers, but I shudder at how long it is going to take me to stitch them together...maybe next weekend.

Finally today I had an online friend over who's a bit of a comic geek too. Which was a nice change. I feel a little geek deprived here, when no one comes to visit on the weekend.  I just don't seem to find any people with a sci-fi, fantasy, comic-thing here. I had some hope for the new PhD student in my research group, but turns out he thinks Batman and Michael Knight are the same guy since they both drive a black car *hangs head at so much ignorance*.
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Unfortunately I rarely have the time to post during the week anymore so I'm posting my review on the weekend again, when everyone is up and away *hangs head*.  Anyway this book is too much fun to let an issue slip plus there's a lot of mysterious stuff to discuss speculate about  in it, so here we go!

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Hi guys, it's been a while, I'm afraid. All the lab work is eating me up, so I don't get to spend nearly as much time on LJ as I would like. :( Didn't comment very much either in the last few weeks. Sorry for that.
So a short fannish summary of the last few weeks:

Wasn't Dr. Horrible great fun? So adorable and so heartbreaking in the end. All very mean ol' Joss. Makes me all bouncy for Dollhouse!
I loved the concept of letting the fans decide, if they want to pay for it. I'd really like to buy it, but obviously it's not available in the Austrian itunes store and I can't buy in the US-Version (I never bought anything on itunes before, so maybe I'm overlooking something...). It's a bit frustrating. I hope the DVD makes it to Europe.

Angel-ATF #10 was top stuff too. Maybe I'll do review to have them complete, but I just didn't find the time, when it came out.  I've got people visiting the next two weekends so the chances are slim...
I somehow missed the first ATF collected volume on amazon, and now it's not available anymore :( , but I need it since I'm missing issue #3 in print. Damn it.

And oh yes, Buffy #16: Like the drawings much much better and also I squee for Fray. I'm thinking of maybe doing reviews of the collected volumes, since the individual issues are so slim and I'm not all that invested.

Anyway I can't go without taking a look at the unadulterated goodness that is Spike-ATF #1 ( just scattered thoughts, I'm afraid, hope it's not too confusing):

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Ok, sorry for spamming, but I'm just so in love with xkcd right now.

the icon is made from this strip

it's a tribute to this ad from the Discovery channel

And in case you have to look it up like I did: Keith Taft is an engineer and mathematician, who built microcomputers to win against the bank in casinos.
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So here are my five cents about the new issue

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I'm not sure, if it's just because I'm in a good mood, but I think this issue is my favorite first night so far. It certainly has the most appealing artwork so far. First time I really like all three artists in the book (not counting the intro), they all have very unique styles but each is equally gorgeous.

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Jun. 8th, 2008 04:32 pm
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Just thought I'd write a little something so that this journal doesn't look too dead, even though I didn't have much time for fannish stuff due to the move, new work etc.

Buffy #15 )

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This is like the cutest thing I ever saw in fandom! Go, look, love!
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There are five new pictures from the upcoming Buffy Tarot online! I can't help being excited, I adore this kind of merchandise :)
They can be seen here. It also says that there is going to be full deck of 78 cards, which is kind of cool. I guess the minor Arcana are only going to be symbols but at least the royal cards of each color might be very interesting. The fanged four would make a brilliant row for the swords I think. I'll have to make an update to my tarot post once in a while :)

I hope I'll be able to get my hands on the thing over here...

The first page of the Spike comic is here. Looks cool. God I can't wait for this comic to finally come out.

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Thanks to the awesome [personal profile] moscow_watcher  I was able to read the new Buffy and Angel issues. I'll just review After the fall  though. I enjoy S8 well enough, but it just doesn't get my wheels turning so hard that I want to write about it. I'll just enjoy and comment on other much more qualified reviews than mine would have been.
After the fall is a whole different story, I can  babble about it for hours :)

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... of Spike #3 is up in colour now at Brian's blog. I can't help but stare at it in total adoration!
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So what's there to say about #13? It was fun. Great fun actually!

I think, if one takes the comic books too seriously, they are bound to be unsatisfying. The best course of action for me is, to sit down and regard it as a piece of fun fanfiction. If one stops fussing, whether everyone is in character or if every plot development is believable, Season 8 really is great fun!

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Due to a very tiresome exam I didn't get around to post for a while. Everything is still a bit chaotic over here, so I'm just here to pimp and gather the intelligence of my wise flistas.

First things first: The magnificent [profile] girlpire wrote me a ficlet!!! Isn't that awesome?! I love it so much! It's deliciously mean Fanged Four.Go read! *makes shewing motions*

Second: I was wondering if any of you knew someone who's uploading Serenity: Better Days?
I'm buying them when they reach Vienna but by then I've usually missed all the online discussion.
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Very cool issue again, but I'll never be able to adapt to how short those comic books are, it's like having just a spoon foul of something tremendously delicious.

Buffy Yuri

Mar. 6th, 2008 09:23 am
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This will of course contain spoilers about #12 and also that spoilery cover. (Also this is something like my very first meta)


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