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OMG!OMG! Mark just watched Surprise and I can't wait until he sees Innocence and what happens with Angel. He's worried about the outcry the sex might have induced outside the show. Just wait what it induces inside! His whole word will turn upside down!

I knew mine did when I watched the show for the first time and was also not spoilered about Angelus.  This was the twist that made me think the show was not just nice and entertaining but really really good.

(He's going to take Jenny's death hard though. And I agree, I wish the character had stayed on longer.)
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I really enjoy Mark watches Buffy. In fact I was looking into it every day to find out if he had finally arrived at School Hard. I love how perfectly he gets it and the fact that he is completely unspoiled. Season 2 is simply perfect for that, because season 1 is a comparatively normal standard television show. In the beginning of season 2 (I also watched it completely unspoiled back in the day) you really think you know what to expect. The annoying one will be the villain and then after School Hard, yeah, Spike will be the villain, but it is still not all that special.

Yes, sure the story about Angel's oh so dark past was told, but I ,at least,  was not prepared at all for just how evil Angelus really was. And I really can't wait for Mark to discover it.

I also loved that he knew the instant after watching the first ever Angel/Spike scene that there must be millions of slashfics about them out there. Heee.

Reading his take on the show is the most enjoyable fandom thing I have seen in a very long time. Makes me think that maybe I will get over the comic fiasco after all and get back in the game.

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This is my final post about S8, it's less a review and more my personal experience with the comic. It wasn't a good experience. If you're positive about the comic, you'll probably not like it, but you're still very welcome to the debate.

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This has almost nothing to do with the original discussion, just something I wanted to jot down in connection with character construction.

Those  debates on which character is "better" are very common in fandom and I regret every time I got pulled into one. Mainly because I couldn't care less who's the "better" character. I love my characters bad! I love them flawed! I love to see them fail morally in interesting ways.

I'm currently fascinated with Breaking Bad and I couldn't be more in love with it's irresponsible, drugcooking, sometimes outright delusional main characters. Why is that? Because they are remarkably well constructed, their actions are downright horrible sometimes but they are understandable. Their motives, complex and muddled as they may be are human, they make sense, they draw from emotions and state of minds I'm familiar with, same goes for show Buffy most of the time.
Not a fan of her teflon epiphanies but otherwise she used to make sense. S6 Buffy, dark as she was, totally made sense to me. Show Spike was downright evil at times but I loved how brilliantly his motivation and psychological make up was designed.

So that's the first point I need:

1) Motivation, understandable background for the character's actions

The comics fail here completely. They give me nothing. Buffy (and Angel) seems to be part mind controlled, part brain damaged but I have no handle on her motivation whatsoever.

There is however something else I need for a character to work:

2) Evolution and Consequences

I need the characters to be affected by their own actions. By which I decidedly don't mean that some dire fate has to befall them for their wrongdoings. By no means. Sorry to bring up BB again, but at the moment it is my standard for good writing. Here the characters do a lot of terrible things and think they can get away with them. And law wise they really can. But of course they never can't escape what their actions leave within themselves. In order to live on as a murderer a character has to harden. Giving up on one moral standard leads to clinging to another so that somehow one can still think of oneself as good. Relationships between some characters deepening estranges others. Stuff like that is what I mean by consequences.

In this case show Buffy already had several problems because she had the same developments over and over and forgot about them, there are however some that stuck. She did grow up a little.
Other characters worked better that way, Spike being the prime example. His learning curve, properly motivated every step of the way and always resulting in new developments in the character is one of the things I love most about the show.

In the comics I get nothing of the sort. The characters seem to immune to learning and consequences. At best they show a little self pity. And really I can't even wish for consequences to actions that were pretty much random insanity and mind control in the first place.

So in the end I think  for me train where I could even morally analyse comic Buffy's (and other's) actions in the comics is long gone. The writing is so bad she doesn't even register as a character to me any more, just walking talking failure of the writers.

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Doing the crossposting thing.

I wrote this little rant some weeks ago when that silly DH vampire poll went down and decided to post it friends locked now. Fortunately Season 8 is going to be over soon and when it is, I intend to disengage with the comics completely, but as it is I'm reading them and I'm reading the wank and I can't help contemplating it, so I'm posting.

As I said his was triggered by the Darkhorse vampire poll. They asked for comments detailing people's favorite vampires and Spike somewhat dominated the poll, so did another bunch of vampires, Angel, Lestat (and many more, even Edward Cullen was mentioned). The contest was from the get go said to pick the comments the people at DH liked best, not the ones the commentators preferred and of course that's what happened. They picked your typical evil Dracula vampire or goofy cartoonish versions of them.

The announcement of the winner was signed with:

"Old school vampires always win"

rantyness ahead )
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Inspired by [personal profile] ms_scarletibis 's post on the moral standing of vampires and the human Buffy characters, I thought I'd post my own thoughts on the subject.

First off I see both Buffyverse vampires and humans as species that are very different from real humans. Buffyverse humans have souls and I don't really know how I would translate that concept into reality, where I have not the faintest idea if there's such a thing as a soul and even less how it would work exactly.

The definition of good an evil in the Buffyverse is shaped by two things:

There's the metaphorical plane on which the demons stand for various conditions that ail us in real life, fears, addiction, cruelty, inability to change and people who drain others emotionally...the list goes on. All of those things are bad and on this plane the vampires are by definition bad.

The second one is the in game fictional plane on which vampires are characters with different groundrules. To hunt and kill is in their nature. To ask them to stop is like asking a cat to go vegetarian. They also lack the Buffyverse moral compass, the soul. Inside the verse the line of good and evil is drawn along the soul concept. Those who have one are good or at least redeemable, those who have non are not only evil, they are not people to the Buffyverse humans.

To me from the outside it seems that there are two species at war both of witch don't see the life of the other as anything of worth. It is a war for survival so just the definition of killing = evil becomes too little for me to go by. My view on them becomes defined not by them fighting and killing each other but by HOW they are fighting the war.

The characters show real goodness in my opinion when they show mercy, love, compassion beyond what their morals require them to and their nature tells them to. Buffy could have killed Spike in S4, but it would have been shooting a tiger in a cage. That she did not kill him, though it would not have left a stain on her west defined her as good to me.

Spike throwing his moral set up over board because he's in love with her, did the same thing for me in S5/S6.

So in the end I think good and evil start for me were the basic ground rules end.
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Title: Times and Shapes
Author: flake_sake
Chapter: 2/10 part 1 can be found here
Pairings: S/B naturally, but there’s a twist to it and there might be a bit of past Spike/ Angelus
Setting: Post chosen, loosely tying into comic canon
Rating: like show
Warnings: Contains a temporary sex change
Summary: Buffy is on a slayer undercover mission in London and runs into Spike without him recognizing her.
Disclaimer: not mine, all Joss
Feedback: is loved, con crit would be welcome too. This is my first try at something longer and plottier on my own.

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Title:  Times and Shapes Part 1/10

Pairing: Buffy/ Spike (but it may take a while, also it’ll probably contain a bit of slash)
Rating: like show
Setting: Post series, tying loosely into the comic canon (no real spoilers)
Warnings: There’s my sometimes animosity with correct spelling and commas. And there’s a  sex change.
Summary: Buffy goes on an undercover mission in London and runs into Spike

Feedback: Is loved!!!

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I wrote this a while ago to get a bit used to writing fighting scenes and I thought it suits the poetry in motion-prompt on [ profile] nekid_spike , so I decided to post it before I get swallowed by work and visitors again.

Rating: like the show
Pairing: Spike/Buffy
Disclaimer:  Not mine, I’m just having fun with them
Notes: Thanks to [ profile] darklingdawns for taking a look at it.
Summary: What goes through Spike’s head when he is fighting Buffy.
Feedback: Makes me insanely happy and run around with a dorky smile on my face for days. Concrit, pointing out of errors and charactarization discussion are als also very welcome.


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Jul. 3rd, 2008 11:23 pm
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So I just read "Twilight" and it left me with a dire need to mock, I'm afraid I can't do it as brilliantly as [profile] tkp  did here, but here's my little offering:

Title: It's not always shrimp
Fandom: BtVS/Twilight
Characters: Buffy, Spike, Giles
Rating: None

Buffy tarot

Jul. 1st, 2008 11:41 am
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Again, nothing creative from me I'm afraid, since I'm still drowning in work...but I promised to post if I hear anything new on the tarot cancellation and I've read this rumor:

"The Buffy Tarot card set from Dark Horse is cancelled. No reasons are given, but I hear talk it was due to conflicts with the representatives of certain actors/actresses who appear on the cards. Apparently make believe occult nonsense is fine, but an actual item that might be used in the black arts is not. But really. You think someone would have predicted this. Somehow. "


I'm hard pressed to believe it though, I mean, it's just cards. Fortune telling is hardly a black art (if you're not the spanish inquisition). That would be like canceling an action figure, because it could be used as a voodoo doll.
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Looks like the tarot game got the ax :(
Dammit, i thought it would have been an awesome piece of merchandise. Also it seems like most of the artwork was already done, so I hope maybe someone else besides Darkhorse might publish it. Does anyone have more information?
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This is like the cutest thing I ever saw in fandom! Go, look, love!
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There are five new pictures from the upcoming Buffy Tarot online! I can't help being excited, I adore this kind of merchandise :)
They can be seen here. It also says that there is going to be full deck of 78 cards, which is kind of cool. I guess the minor Arcana are only going to be symbols but at least the royal cards of each color might be very interesting. The fanged four would make a brilliant row for the swords I think. I'll have to make an update to my tarot post once in a while :)

I hope I'll be able to get my hands on the thing over here...

The first page of the Spike comic is here. Looks cool. God I can't wait for this comic to finally come out.

more cards

Apr. 20th, 2008 02:15 pm
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if anyone's interested here are more cards (I started the list this morning over here)

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There is going to be a Buffy Tarot game by Darkhose, I guess by now that's already old news. Here are some first glimpses at it.
I personally think the artwork is gorgeous and I'm very happy that they chose to make original artwork instead of just sticking halfway fitting pictures on the cards as it sometimes happens with theme tarot games. Also they tried to connect the Rider Waite symbolism with characters from the show. I love that, big time. Naturally I would do a hundred things differently since everyone has a different take on the cards and their meanings and on the characters.
The whole thing got my brain turning on where I would put each character and so on. Since I have to get it out of my system, here is my personal take on the thing. I'm using my interpretation of the Rider Waite cards and characters here so please feel free to say "argh, bullshit" and comment what you think about it. I linked the wiki pages for a more objective interpretation. The more opinions, the more interesting.

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I should study so I draw (it's getting old)
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So what's there to say about #13? It was fun. Great fun actually!

I think, if one takes the comic books too seriously, they are bound to be unsatisfying. The best course of action for me is, to sit down and regard it as a piece of fun fanfiction. If one stops fussing, whether everyone is in character or if every plot development is believable, Season 8 really is great fun!

Buffy Yuri

Mar. 6th, 2008 09:23 am
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This will of course contain spoilers about #12 and also that spoilery cover. (Also this is something like my very first meta)


Dec. 30th, 2007 11:36 pm
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It's over a year old, so probably everybody knows it already, but I just fell in love with this Vid

enjoy being a girl

so I had to save the memory.


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