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I finished Season 3 of Being Human tonight and it really deserves a bit more attention, because wow, that was one intense dark and fascinating season. Spoilers ahead )
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Thought it's time to post something again. I'm mostly lurking these days. I'm burried in work at the moment, but it actually feels good, because I feel like I'm getting on with my career now in a way that I didn't before.

But there is of course time for a little tv, even if it is much less than it was before. I started to watch Camelot as brainbubblegum, but I'm afraid it's even too bad for that. Where did they find those actors? I think I'll stick with Merlin as King Arthur shows go, at least that one is fun. I really hope Starz (or what they're called) will do a better job with Torchwood.

I'm also finally catching up with Being Human (two episodes left, no spoilers please) Read more... )
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Not much time here, but omg that was too good for words!!!
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Remember that pilot that was on BBC a year ago, the one about the vampire, the  werewolf and the ghost living together in a house?

I was really looking forward to see this one made into a show, then for a little while not so thrilled when I heard that they had exchanged the actor playing Mitchell (the vampire), since I really loved Guy Flannagan in the role (who could possibly not love a skinny vampire that irons?) but as it turns out the new actor is pretty ok too and the replacement actress for Annie (the ghost) is imho even better than the original one.

The pilot was good, but there was a lot of room for improvement and the actual show is proving to be a lot better. It's getting more fun with every episode. What makes the show so interesting to me, asside from some truly brilliant lines and the fact that I could connect to the characters from the first second is that it is really doing it's own thing. It's a supernatural show that is almost solely character driven.  There is no murder mystery of the week, the characters are not even heroes in the sense that would feel competent enough to run around saving people or hunting down bad guys (not on a regular basis at least). They just live with there weird conditions, sometimes better, sometimes worse. They're neither completely good or evil and thus more human then most tv characters.

The show makes me laugh and awww, and squee and that after only a few episodes. As far as vampire shows go it doesn't compare to Buffy, because nothing ever will, but it outdoes Moonlight and True Blood in a heartbeat. Of course the budget is much smaller and there aren't any cool special effects but both the writing and the actors make up for it twice. Only bad thing is that the season only has six much to short episodes, but hopefully it'll come back next year.

cut for spoilers up to ep.4 )

btw. I really need a Being human icon, does anyone know a good place to look for one?

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Yay! Being Human got commissioned!

This makes me happy. Me thinks this show could turn out really really nice.
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I'm a geek for the supernatural. If a show has got vampires in it, I've got to watch. It's not a given, that I will actually like it or that I'll keep watching, but I can't walk by a vampire show without giving it a shot. So I watched the first episode of  this show and hey, that was fun!


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