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I really enjoy Mark watches Buffy. In fact I was looking into it every day to find out if he had finally arrived at School Hard. I love how perfectly he gets it and the fact that he is completely unspoiled. Season 2 is simply perfect for that, because season 1 is a comparatively normal standard television show. In the beginning of season 2 (I also watched it completely unspoiled back in the day) you really think you know what to expect. The annoying one will be the villain and then after School Hard, yeah, Spike will be the villain, but it is still not all that special.

Yes, sure the story about Angel's oh so dark past was told, but I ,at least,  was not prepared at all for just how evil Angelus really was. And I really can't wait for Mark to discover it.

I also loved that he knew the instant after watching the first ever Angel/Spike scene that there must be millions of slashfics about them out there. Heee.

Reading his take on the show is the most enjoyable fandom thing I have seen in a very long time. Makes me think that maybe I will get over the comic fiasco after all and get back in the game.

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Author:[personal profile] rogin 
Title: Late Sequelae
Characters: Spike, Angel
Disclaimer: Nothing here is mine.
Rating: -
Warnings: -
Summary: Spike and Angel have a small moment of understanding, set during S5, some time after Damages.

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I've been pretty lazy with the crossposting since I simply know so many more people on LJ and not all of them are here too, but I thought, I'd crosspost this little bit here too.

Slow evening, so naturally I'm thinking about vampires and sex :) .In fanon the Buffyverse vampires tend to be considered bisexual and I wonder where that comes from exactly.

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[ profile] girlpire  posted fic! Go and read, but beware public places when you do, because I doubt anyone can kep from laughing out loud reading this one!

Second, some incredible fans in Israel made a musical out of Angel's life.

I would kill to see this, even if I don't understand a single word. Terrible thing is that I'm actually planning to go to Tel Aviv for a friends wedding this fall, but since they're playing it only now, I want to instantly.
I really hope someone makes a decent video of the performance and translates the text for as poor non hebrew speakers.

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Title: Opening Gambit (Playing Games series)
Authors: [ profile] darklingdawns  & [ profile] flake_sake 
Pairing: Spike/Angel
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Characters belong to Joss, and we're maintaining that Spike belongs to Angel
Warning: Contains strong BDSM and graphic reference to torture (though not exactly in this part)

Previous parts here

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Another chapter in our little pornographic epic is here!

Title: Opening Gambit (Playing Games series)
Authors: [ profile] darklingdawns & [ profile] flake_sake Pairing: Spike/Angel
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Characters belong to Joss, and we're maintaining that Spike belongs to Angel
Warning: Contains strong BDSM and graphic reference to torture

Previous parts here

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Hi guys, it's been a while, I'm afraid. All the lab work is eating me up, so I don't get to spend nearly as much time on LJ as I would like. :( Didn't comment very much either in the last few weeks. Sorry for that.
So a short fannish summary of the last few weeks:

Wasn't Dr. Horrible great fun? So adorable and so heartbreaking in the end. All very mean ol' Joss. Makes me all bouncy for Dollhouse!
I loved the concept of letting the fans decide, if they want to pay for it. I'd really like to buy it, but obviously it's not available in the Austrian itunes store and I can't buy in the US-Version (I never bought anything on itunes before, so maybe I'm overlooking something...). It's a bit frustrating. I hope the DVD makes it to Europe.

Angel-ATF #10 was top stuff too. Maybe I'll do review to have them complete, but I just didn't find the time, when it came out.  I've got people visiting the next two weekends so the chances are slim...
I somehow missed the first ATF collected volume on amazon, and now it's not available anymore :( , but I need it since I'm missing issue #3 in print. Damn it.

And oh yes, Buffy #16: Like the drawings much much better and also I squee for Fray. I'm thinking of maybe doing reviews of the collected volumes, since the individual issues are so slim and I'm not all that invested.

Anyway I can't go without taking a look at the unadulterated goodness that is Spike-ATF #1 ( just scattered thoughts, I'm afraid, hope it's not too confusing):

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So here are my five cents about the new issue

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I'm not sure, if it's just because I'm in a good mood, but I think this issue is my favorite first night so far. It certainly has the most appealing artwork so far. First time I really like all three artists in the book (not counting the intro), they all have very unique styles but each is equally gorgeous.

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Look! We wrote porn and we are sharing!

Title: Playing Games
Pairing: Spike/Angel
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Characters belong to Joss, and we're maintaining that Spike belongs to Angel
Warning: Contains strong BDSM and graphic reference to torture
Summary: All work and no play makes Angel a dull demon. Luckily, Spike's about to come to his rescue.
Notes: Written with and edited by [ profile] darklingdawns for the Top/Bottom challenge over at [ profile] feedmykink

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Thanks to the awesome [personal profile] moscow_watcher  I was able to read the new Buffy and Angel issues. I'll just review After the fall  though. I enjoy S8 well enough, but it just doesn't get my wheels turning so hard that I want to write about it. I'll just enjoy and comment on other much more qualified reviews than mine would have been.
After the fall is a whole different story, I can  babble about it for hours :)

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Very cool issue again, but I'll never be able to adapt to how short those comic books are, it's like having just a spoon foul of something tremendously delicious.

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So, I did another little ficlet. Again something completely different.

Title: Side Effects
Setting: AtS S5
Rating: None, also no pairing
Characters: Spike, ?
Wordcount: 500 words.
Thank you's: To the amazing [personal profile] darklingdawns, who betaed it for me and thus made it much better!
ETA: Feedback: I love it and I'm not above begging for it!

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So, now I finally got around reading it , now what's there to say:
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I love to see and make comic fanart of all kinds. Unfortunately I´m not half as talented, as I would like to be, so it rather sucks. Sometimes I like it anyway and since this is my fandom journal it should be part of it.
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I just got my issue of the Auld lang syne comic and wolfed it down pretty much.

It was nice enough, but imho something was missing.

David Messinas drawings are ok and I loved the dynamics of the fight scenes - Angel and Spike having a nice fist fight - always a good thing. He captured those two quite well too, unfortunately I can´t say that about the other characters making an appearance. Darla and Drusilla would not have been recognizable at all, if their names weren´t shout to introduce them. I´m not really picky about how an artists chooses to picture characters and it sure is difficult too catch the actors looks and combine it with ones own style. The features don´t have to be detailed for me to catch on, but some general traits have to fit to transport the series sensation.
For example Drusilla in the series is always swaying around an has this halve starved look. In the comic book she´s curvy and stands straight as broomstick.
Worst was the picture of Spikes mum, just drawing random lines into a persons face doesn´t really make her look old.

I read Asylum some weeks ago and found I liked Franco Urrus art quite well, it was more chaotic than Messinas, but also more detailed and original, so I hope, he´ll do some for Season 6 too.

The general plot of Auld lang syne was quite ok, and I liked the idea with Lillith an her interest in souled vampires as a special treat. The dialogs were acceptable too, but I don´t think the characters were captured all that well. There was hardly a scene were i thought " oh yeah, that´s Spike/ Angel!"
(Also had the impression Spike overused the word "filly" a lot)

In general it had the problem most of the comic books do. It just seemed a bit too artificial for my taste. Designed to appeal to anyone, who liked the shows, but  not offending anyone either by using real dramatic settings, that might lead to real changes in the characters lives or their personal development. I´d wish the writers would be more daring in this. The comics aside from Joss´own aren´t considered canon anyway, so they might as well let loose some crazy ideas of their own.

 All in all Auld Lang Syne was a nice read, but nothing to remember for long.
I think, I´ll rather stick with Brian Lynchs books. I don´t like all of what he´s doing, but he captures the characters essence and he seems to have some designs on his own were to take them.


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