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Season three was overall a huge treat. I remembered why the third book is my favorite in the series and how much I love the unlikely character combinations it contains.

  • Jaime Lannister and Brienne of Tarth. They are really contrary characters but with both being misfits in their society of knights (Brienne because she is a woman and Jaime because of the kingslaying) they bounce of each other perfectly.
  • Margaery Tyrell and Jeoffrey. Someone finally manipulating that atrocious kid properly and his mother on top of it. The Tyrells are fun in the books but they never get a point of view, so Margaery and her grandmother come across way more clearly on the show.
  • Tywin and Jeoffrey. I think almost all their interactions count as Joeff slapping.
  • Granny Tyrell and everyone. She is just made of win. She even runs rings around Tyrion and Varys. I loved her speech about the Lannister/Tyrell family relations to be.
  • Loras and Cersei: Well I don't like either of them much, but that "My father once told me..." "no one cares what your father once told you" exchange was just priceless.
  • Tyrion and Sansa: I already liked them in the book, but in the books Sansa was so afraid of Tyrion that she barely ever talks to him and to him she is a child and it is all just horribly awkward. I always got this air of what could have been with them though. They remind me a bit of Henry and Margot in "La Reine Margot". They have the potentials to become allies and to be at least more on each others side than that of the people who forced them into marriage.
  • Shae: I though it was a smart move to make her Sansa's servant. This way she stays way closer to action than in the book and her development is far more interesting. I loved her exchange with Varys last episode, both for Varys stating that Tyrion is one of the very few people who could actually do some good for the realm and also because it showed that she is as foolishly in love with Tyrion as he is with her.
  • Jon and Ygritte. I always find Jon a bit dull on the show but Ygritte helps things a bit.
  • Davos: Davos is tricky because he is so fiercly loyal to Stannis who doesn't really deserve it. I loved the turn he took to save Gendry in the last episode.
  • It's not that I like them so much but I really find the red priests interesting. It's like they are a bit like earlier Judaism, waiting for a messiah around every corner. Each priest has their favorite chosen one of the red god and while they all have power, even to beat death it's obvious that all those one and only chosen one prophecies are hogwash.
  • And who could not love Dany cleaning out slaver's bay.

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