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Seems VD fucked them badly, since the electorate had no idea what was coming and the vote was much easiert (cheaper) to game than the Hugos.

The funny thing is that he essentially made sure that the Dragon Award will never get the traction of the Hugo Award if the first book it is slapped on is some drivel by JCW.
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Starting out on imzy, reminded me how much I used to love LJ and how comfy DW is by comparison, but somehow I never really managed the full migration.

I'll probably always be on LJ, but I'll try and post here more often, crossposting to LJ instead of posting there directly.
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Season three was overall a huge treat. I remembered why the third book is my favorite in the series and how much I love the unlikely character combinations it contains.

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Just got wind of this, this morning and I am a bit undecided about it. There are definitely pros and cons about this thing. Here are the guidelines they published with their release statement.


  • money for fanfic. I am basically all for people making money with something they love to do and there are works out there that I would definitely be willing to pay for.

  • legality. No fear of being shot down by a network or original author who does not like fanfic.


  • loss of diversity: I'm thinking here both of content and of qualitative diversity. The guidelines state that you can do for examples no crossovers and it is also clearly not a platform for short fiction. And naturally they have quality standards, which is a good thing but also sets it apart from the freescene, which allows everybody to get their feet wet. Yeah sure, everybody is complaining about 12 year olds writing badfic, but that is the way everybody starts off.

  • The rights rest with amazon, so you can't just take it down or flock it if you do not want it out there anymore.

  • no porn. Fanfic is the only female dominated porn source, I ever came across. Everything else is either directed at straight or gay males or perpetuating the male gaze in massive self objectification (romance novels).


  • If there is a legal fanfic scene, wont it become jealous of the illegal scene? Especially since the free scene will always have the porn and the crossovers to be more interesting. Isn't there a risk that the pay sites will eventually try to shut down sites like a AO3?

I think the idea is perfect for stuff like Stephen Brust's firefly fanfic, but for the largest part of the scene it is useless due to the limitations and I'm a bit worried about the longtime effects of this.
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I wasn't around much lately so I didn't have the time to write much about the individual episodes and now it is too late to catch up, but I'm watching and I love what they are doing for the most part.

I especially like how they are working with the Jaime and Brienne storyline, which is prompting me to write about those two and why I find them so intriguing.
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LJ is still wonky due to maintenance and actually it's a good excuse to post here again.

I'm a bit torn up about being excited for S.H.I.E.L.D. I liked the Avengers movie but not especially, more like the Iron Man movies. Imho tv-show is Joss' best medium, because there he gets to do character development but on the other hand I can barely remember Dollhouse anymore and I think his really great works were Buffy and Firefly.

Hm, so not sure. I know I'll end up watching but I can't say I'm super excited.


May. 15th, 2013 03:12 pm
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Is LJ dead again or is it just me?

ETA: Now its working again, but somehow the edit function is totally screwed and I  can't see the buttons properly. Is Putin having a bad day again, or what?
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I don't really have an idea, when the movie ran in the rest of the world and I'm probably late to the party but I really liked it.

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LJ dead?

May. 14th, 2013 01:35 pm
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Looks like LJ is having trouble again?

I returned from Paris on the weekend and it was the absolute perfect holiday, I wish i could have stayed there...

I'm playing catch up with LJ now and would really like to do some posts but somehow work has just waited to jump me here,

Still I saw Iron Man III (very enjoyable but not really special) and the new Star Trek wich I really loved to pieces and have the urge to post about, but not really the time.

I'm also catching up with GoT but I still have to watch 6.07. Very much looking forward to the Jaime/Brienne stuff to come and wow was that proposal in 6.06 awkward (or what we saw of it). 

Eventually I will get there I hope, anyway good to be back on LJ or DW as it is.

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I'm currently reading Robert Graves "I, Claudius" and watching the old BBC show. Wow, are they both brilliant. And also wow, was Patric Stuart young!

Whyever did they chose to finish Rome where they did when they continued it with such material. It would have been a firework!

Has anyone here read it? I'm completely addicted at the moment. It reminds a lot of Game of Thrones and I think that Graves' Claudius ans Martin's Tyrion have a lot in common, the way they are treated as defficient by their families but come back from the woodwork maybe even because of it.


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